NOVEA STYL - Two-component Whitewash

NOVEASTYK is a whitewash intended for the decoration and the protection of inside and outside walls. NOVEASTYL is a natural, healthy and ecological coating.
Lime, the basic component, is associated with the natural additives and colored elements, giving the facades a bright and warm aspect. It sanitizes the walls : its high pH kills bacteria and molds.
NOVEASTYL is permeable to steam, favors the evaporation phenomenon and renders the walls "breathable". Mixing it with water allows varyng the consistency to produce varios esthetic effects while whitewashing.

NOVEA DECAP - Paint Remover

novea DECAP is a gelified powerful high surface-covering paint remover. Novea DECAP may also be used for industrial as well as artisanal paint removal jobs. novea DECAP is totally emulsible in the water thus eliminates totally in the water. novea DECAP, thanks to its formulation in the form of gel, can be applided even on the vertical surfaces.

NOVEA DECAP - Additive reducing the carving waiting time in cold weather

novea A C is an additive accelerating the hardening process of the coatings and thus enabling the installer to have a waiting time similar to an exterior temperature of 20 ° C when it is 5°C or above. NOVEA CA does not alter the final color of the coating.

NOVEA HYDRO - Water-repellent solvant based

Novea Hydro reduces surface water absorption, and allows preserving the initial apearence. Novea Hydro contains resins in solvant solution. It increases water-repellence, prevents water to soak into the façade. After drying, it let breathe back the wall.

NOVEA REPAR PIERRE TENDRE - (Mortar of facade’s reparation in soft stones)

NOVEA Repar Pierre Tendre is a mortar for dressed stone’s facades, designed to flaked soft stones reconstruction.

NOVEA REPAR PIERRE DURE - (Mortar of repair of hard stones)

NOVEA Repar Pierre Dure is a mortar for hard stones repair, NOVEA Repar Pierre Dure can be sculpted, sanded, planed down, patined, aged…to give it the wished aspect and the mark of time.

NOVEA AQUA - Impervious Mortar

NOVEA Aqua is defined as a true impervious barrier for buried building. NOVEA Aqua is available in grey (NOVEA Aqua grey) and in white (NOVEA Aqua white).